This year's Non-Resident pool passes are no longer available on-line. Please visit the Park District office for 2010 Non-Resident Pool Pass Purchases.  Next year's passes will go on sale sometime during  April , 2021.

 Please see the instructions below on rules for purchase.


More information is available at

The Lincolnwood Non-Resident Pool Pass online purchase site will only become available on April 4, 2020 - starting at 9:00 AM.

Until the system indicates that all non-resident passes have been sold, there are still passes available for sale. While passes are available, you will be able to purchase them online throughout the day on Saturday, April 4 - April 30th.

If passes are still available, beginning Friday, May 1st,  non-residents may purchase passes in person at the Parks and Recreation office in Village Hall, until all available passes have been sold. 

Aquatic Center Pass Categories

Aquatic Center passes may be purchased in the following categories.

Family Passes: A family is defined as parents/guardians and any unmarried children age 2 through 24 living at the same address. Children 25 and over living at home, and other relatives and individuals in the same household, are not included in the family pass. A parent or legal guardian must be included in the family pass, and must provide birth certificates for each child.  

Children under age 2 (by May 23, 2020) will not need a pass to enter the pool so do not need to be included in your family membership.

Children ages 19-24: Children ages 19-24 should be included in the family pass if residing at the parent’s/guardian’s address.

Nanny Passes: You will be able to add one non-resident Nanny in addition to your family. Nannies living within the Village of Lincolnwood may purchase a resident pass at a later date at the Parks and Recreation Department.

Senior/Senior Couple Passes: Up to two Senior passes may be purchased. Each must be at least 55 years of age as of May 23, 2020. If you do not qualify for a senior pass the system will inform you what category and price you qualify for.

Individual Passes: You may purchase one or two passes. Up to two individual, related or not, may apply if they both reside at the same address.

Pass Use and Issuance

  • To gain entrance, you must show your Aquatic Center ID card at the aquatic center entrance. Receipts will not be accepted.

  • 2019 Aquatic Center pass holders do not have to retake a photo. Your pass from last year will be reactivated when your registration is processed.

  •  All aquatic center members (two years old and up) will be issued a photo ID membership card

  • If you are a new member this year, every member of your family who will be getting a pass will need to come in and get a photo ID. Pass photos can be taken at the Parks and Recreation office in Village Hall from 9am-5pm starting May 11th . The Parks and Recreation Office will be open until 7pm each Tuesday in May starting May 12th .